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Remove books from library

- Go to amazon website > your account > your preferences > your kindle account
- find book > actions > remove from library

Custom screensavers

Tried and tested with Kindle 4, Firmware 4.1.0

  • Connect Kindle to computer (USB)
  • Create file at Kindle root called “ENABLE_DIAGS” (no extension)
  • Eject Kindle
  • Go into settings menu, and note your Firmware and Serial ID, if you miss this you can still find them later in the diagnostics menu → device settings
  • Press menu (from settings page), and restart

Now that we are in diagnostics mode…

  • misc individual utilities
  • > utilities
  • > enable USBnet

At this point, your PC should install the appropriate drivers. If not, re-plug the Kindle.

  • Go to your network connections, there should be a new one
  • Give it an IP of
  • Use PuTTY to connect to

Use this tool: to find out your root password /!\ the serial is case-sensitive!

enter the following commands:

mntroot rw
mkdir /mnt/us/screensaver
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/base-mmc
mv /mnt/base-mmc/opt/amazon/screen_saver/600x800 /mnt/base-mmc/opt/amazon/screen_saver/600x800.old
ln -sfn /mnt/us/screensaver /mnt/base-mmc/opt/amazon/screen_saver/600x800
mntroot ro
  • exit the session (type exit, or close the window)
  • On the Kindle, go back to main menu
  • Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags → disable diags
  • Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags → reboot

Your Kindle will now reboot, and when connected it will have a folder called 'screensaver'.


  • Images are 600*800
  • There must be a 01N.png (for future firmware updates)
  • Restart after sending new screensavers (otherwise it will blank screen instead of screensaver)


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